5 Tips for Using a Hole Saw

Hole saws are very useful when you need to drill large diameter holes. They perform the task quickly and provide cleaner and finer holes. But using a hole saw can be daunting for many. However, the following five tips can help you to use the hole saw properly.

  1. Extending Existing Holes:

While extending existing holes using a hole saw, it will be a difficult task for you to find the center of the hole. Usually, before using a hole saw, a pilot hole is made in the center of the work to guide the saw easily. In this case, you can mark horizontal and vertical lines on the hole to find the center.After that, place a piece of plywood on the workpiece and mark the center point on it. Now, you can easily drill through the plywood and workpiece using the pilot bit.

Hole Saw

  1. Removing the Plug While Hole-Sawing:

Although making holes using a hole saw is effortless and provides excellent results, removing the plug during this process is a hard task. Some models also come with plug ejecting systems but with a limited size. If you want to make deeper holes using a hole saw, then you can use a chisel to remove the plug from the hole to let the saw pass through the hole.

In other cases, you can drill the workpiece midway from both sides. This will stick the plug to the hole saw,which you can pull out easily.This way, you can make the plug removal task simpler.

  1. Lubricate the Hole Saw During Metal Cutting:

While cutting metals using hole saws, you can use cutting oil to lubricate the hole saw and improve the cutting performance. During this process, the temperature increases due to the friction between the hole saw and metal, which need to be reduced. So, by using cutting oil, you can reduce the friction and temperature. This way, the hole saw will stay cool and last for a long time. It can also remove the metal chips off the job to let the saw teeth move freely. You can also use a sponge in the hole saw for metal to lubricate it efficiently.

  1. Hole-Sawing Hard Materials:

Since hole saws can be used for cutting many hard items like concrete, tile, abrasive materials, etc., you will need to take proper care of the saw. For cutting such items, you can use hole saws that come with diamond or carbide coating. These saws are more powerful and provide long-lasting performance.

  1. Keep the Hole Saw Going Out of The Workpiece:

Usually, the hole saws go out of the workpiece when the cut ends and shatter the surface. Although it may not be a big problem for many, in some cases, it can damage the delicate surfaces and the tool.To avoid this, you can use a scrap piece of plywood under the workpiece and perform the cutting.


These are some common tips to use a hole saw effectively. If you want to get better results from your work, then you can follow these tips.