5 ways to use an electric kettle that probably you didn’t know

If you own an electric kettle, then it isn’t only for boiling water and making tea or coffee but it can be used for several other purposes. The electric kettle can also help you to prepare instant food cuisines. Even though you can’t cook everything in the electric kettle but when you can’t find stove or gas for that matter, you can definitely make use of your electric kettle to prepare various food items. Here are the top five ways to use your electric kettle for your own benefit:

Boil eggs in minutes

You can boil eggs within a few minutes in the electric kettle.  If you are someone who loves to have boiled eggs, then having an electric kettle is a must for you because it will do your work without any hassle. All you need to do is put some water and eggs in the kettle and switch it on. Within 7-8 minutes, your eggs will be ready.

Make noodles in Electric Kettle

If you love to have noodles, then you can cook them instantly in electric kettle. You can also have egg noodles as per your choice. In the electric kettle, there won’t be any different trick to prepare it. It’s just that you can’t fry your noodles in it and that would be the healthiest way to have noodles.

Prepare warm soup

In winter, many of us prefer to have warm soup sitting on our bed. If you want the same, then you don’t need to have a kitchen as you will just need an electric kettle. You just need to put your soup mixture in water and then you can boil it off in the kettle.

Prepare vegetable rice

Not only you can cook instant recipes in the kettle but you can also prepare rice in it. You can cut your favorite veggies and take rice. You just need to put some water, rice and veggies in the kettle after which you can turn it off accordingly. Make sure that you keep optimum amount of water in the kettle.

Boil veggies and pulses

If you want to have boiled vegetables for your diet plan or you are interested in having lentil soup, then it can be prepared easily in the electric kettle. You can add spices and other ingredients as per your choice in the electric kettle.