Are Undermount Sinks Better?

If you do not know what an undermount sink is then let us start by sharing some of the details about undermount sinks. These sinks are defined as undermount sink because of the way they are installed with respect to the countertop. They are installed under the counter and the unique feature is that there is no rim between the sink and the countertop. You can find undermount sinks made of different material which includes cast iron, copper, stainless steel and other solid surfaces. In addition to this, single bowl and double bowl sinks are also available in undermount sink. A lot of people prefer undermount sinks for their kitchen but the question is are they really better than other types of sinks available in the market?

Let us look at the pros and cons of the undermount sink and this will help us in getting the answer to this question.

Pros of undermount sink

  • First and the most important benefit of the undermount sink is that they look very sleek. Since they are attached to the underside of the counter, they do not occupy any stray space on the counter and the chances of debris getting stuck under the sink are also null. This means that the undermount sink also promotes better cleanliness and hygiene.
  • When you are cleaning the counter, you can simply wipe the water and flush in theundermount sink. This is easier to do when compared with other thinks as there is no barrier between the sink and the counter. You just need a wiper to flush all the cleaning agent and water.
  • The design of the undermount sink is a lot more practical and they are also very easy to use. You do not have to worry about cleaning up or space when you are using an undermount sink. Moreover, they create a feeling ab abundance space when they are installed.
  • The faucets are installed behind the sink and they are usually attached to the wall or the counter. This means that when you need to replace the sink, there is no need to replace the taps. You would not need to disassemble them either. This makes the repair easy as well.
  • From the cost perspective, undermount sinkis cheaper than the other sinks available in the market. A simple stainless steel undermount sink can also serve the purpose without interfering with the interiors of the kitchen.

Cons of Undermount Sink

  • This is not really a disadvantage but you need to ensure that you mount the undermount sink correctly. The clips or the straps should be in the proper place and it should be screwed properly to the counter. This would help in securing the sink. If you do not take care of this part then there is a risk of sink getting dropper. Avoid the use of silicon.
  • Undermount sinks are not compatible with all types of counters. If you have a laminated counter then you will not be able to use an undermount sink.

These are the pros and cons of best undermount sink and now it is on you to decide if undermount sinks are better or not.