Best Ice Shaver Machine- Features to look for

An Ice shaver machine gives you soft, fluffy and mouth dissolving ice for your snow cone or frozen treats or a slushie. This is particularly beneficial during summer and you can enjoy the ice shaver to optimum instead of juggling to your corner stores to get shaved ice.

Who uses the ice shaver machine?

They are used in ice cream parlors, cafes, and restaurants. They are easy for domestic use as well as easy to operate and can be used multiple times as the need arises. A different set of operators can work on them as no particular training is needed to operate this. It is simple to operate.

Cube ice is more easily available as compared to block ice.

There are 2 types of ice shavers:

  • Cube ice shaver- For many servings and quick service
  • Block ice shaver-For quality ice than quantity focussed

Selecting the appropriate Ice Shaver Machine

A best ice shaver Machine is reliable, provides higher performance and simple to operate. To select an appropriate ice shaver machine, one needs to have an understanding of the basics and awareness of the aspects that are of importance.

Look for these important features in a machine:

  • Different shave settings-from finest flakes to coarse chunks
  • Ice shaver accessory should prolong shaving time and lesser downtime
  • A foot pedal is convenient for hands-free functionality
  • A user-friendly, easy to clean design and easy to operate.
  • It’s easy and mobile which is compact, lightweight and portable.
  • Its appearance is slim and permits suitability to any setting.
  • Heavy-duty motor shall provide noise-free operation and with no disturbance to customers.

Shave ice or snow cone

Shave ice holds good texture that retains the flavor of the syrup much better. They are kid-friendly. They are usually found at youth sports, schools and fundraisers. It appeals to grownups and a good gourmet choice. It can be presented classy with plenty of flavors selection. Though snow cones are cheaper but shave ice is high in perceived value and price.

What to look for in an Ice Shaver Machine?

  • Ice Texture: The snow is fluffy and its consistency is very good in ice shave. Do examine it for quality.
  • Capacity: Downtime is lesser with more holding ice capacity. This will enable a more efficient serving of a large number of customers.
  • Blades: Look for high blade quality as they prolong the machine life. They are the core of the machine operation.
  • Motor: Look at high duty motor to keep it dependable as it is where a machine fails.
  • Foot Pedal: This provides operation hands-free and optimizes customer service. It saves time.
  • Portability: The ice shaver machine is mobile and so look for sturdy and convenient machinery.
  • Service: Look for a reliable service for your supplier of the ice shaver machine.
  • Warranty: Look for a solid warranty.

These machines are particularly useful when there are many people/customers to serve within a time frame. For large carnivals and festivals, this will come in handy for a speedy service.

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