Blackout Curtains – comforts for a peaceful sleep

Blackout curtains are foam-backed opaque fabric used to block out the sun. Blackout curtains are commonly seen in hotel rooms as curtain linings for curtains, blocking the sunlight. Other than hotels, blackout curtains are essential for travelers, parents of babies, newborn babies, and night shift workers in their bedroom. Other uses of blackout fabrics include movie projector screens, wallpaper, and planetarium domes. There is a heavy demand for blackout curtains during the winter season as these curtains keep the room warm.

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In the blackout curtain manufacturing process, foam layers are applied to raw fabric to increase the opacity and density of the material. The foam layers are known as passes. Most of the blackout curtains in the market fall in one of the following categories:

  • Two-pass: One layer of black foam is placed directly to the fabric, and a second layer is a white form placed to the other side of the black foam. This black form is visible through the second layer that gives an uneven and shadowy look. For a uniform appearance, this type of curtain needs a liner.
  • Three-pass: Two layers of white foam with a third layer of black foam is inserted in between them. This type of curtains is decorative and pleasing fabric. It does not need a liner separately.

Features of the blackout curtains

  • The blackout curtains are heavier than normal curtains.
  • They are made up of thick, woven fabric.
  • They control the sunlight that enters the room.
  • Thermal insulation keeps out the extreme hot and cold out of the room.
  • Most of the blackout curtains are favored for large windows.
  • They last for a longer period.
  • The curtains are found in various colors.
  • They are usually machine washable.

Functions of the blackout curtains

These blackout curtains have three main functions:

  • Blocking sunlight makes you sleep better : A blackout curtain reduces sunlight by 95% and prevents 100% UV rays from entering your place. These curtains will keep light out in the room to enjoy your Sunday morning.
  • Helps in saving your electricity bills: If your bedroom or living room heats up in summer, these curtains help to stay out of the heat and your air conditioning bills down. Also, they help to keep the room warmer in winter.
  • Makes your room a quieter place to live in: The blackout curtains are made up of dense material. Therefore, it helps with the noise reduction. Even if you are located near a highway or a busy road, you will love your place.

Major types of blackout curtains

The following are the types of blackout curtains in the market.

  • Ring Top Curtains
  • Thermal Insulated Curtains
  • 3D Blackout Curtains
  • Pencil Pleat Curtains

If you expect the blackout curtains to help you in blocking daylight, noise, heat, or cold, then your choice is excellent. Although most of the blackout curtains are machine washable, few may be hand washable or professional cleaning depending on the material. This curtain is available in a variety of colors and does not come only in black color.