Buying guide for subwoofers for home

Audio quality is a vital factor when it comes to listening to music as well as for a great home theater experience.  Powered subwoofers that produce great bass will give a low-frequency punch that would provide an enthralling musical experience. There are however, different types of subwoofers in the market, this goes to show that the subwoofer you choose should match the requirements. You have got to choose carefully to ensure a great audio treat. here we cover a detail guide about how to choose best subwoofer for home.

Buying guide for subwoofers

Choosing the right powered subwoofer can be helpful in improving the home theater experience. There are indeed a number of factors which you would have to consider while shopping for subwoofers include


Choosing the subwoofer of the right size is important to enhance the audio effect.  The larger the surface area of the woofer the deeper it would play. But, it does not mean that you should always go for a larger woofer. But, bigger is not always good. The sub you have has to blend with the speaker you have. An 8”-10” sub would pair nicely with them. But, when you have a large speaker the sub has to be larger too to ensure a sonic match.  Similarly, whether you have an open living room or a small room that is cozy like a den also would play a role in choosing the sub of the tight size.

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The bass you enjoy

How much bass do you want?  it is indeed very different and is purely based on personal preference. You need to consider the different subwoofers in the market and then choose the subwoofer that suits both tastes you have as well as the room in which it is about to be used.


The higher the wattage of the subwoofer, the higher would be the amplification.  It is always better to go for a high watt subwoofer as possible with the budget you have planned.  However, ensure that it is suitable for your room size and speakers. It is not advisable to overspend on a high wattage sub. The specifications you have got to consider include the continuous or RMS rating and peak power. However, RMS rating is an important factor than the peak performance spec.

Sealed or ported

Sealed subs are found to be responsive and accurate because of the sealed enclosures and air does not move in or out.  Ported boxes or rather bass with reflex enclosures have an air vent that would reinforce the bass output. It is possible to get powerful bass from the [ported box without using much power. But the ported box woofers are larger than the sealed subs. However, sealed subs are prefferred for listening to hard rock, hip hop etc.


Where the subs are placed would define the type of subwoofer that you should buy. You might have to choose between a front-firing system or down- firing system depending on where you are placing the woofers. You can also consider a crossover setting option.

Following the guide can be helpful in choosing the right subwoofers.