Car Polish and Wax – Which is Good?

Cars offer you convenience, and that is one of the main reasons why most of the people purchase cars. You can travel to any place at your own convenience; you need not have to wait for a cab, train or bus. But again, you need to remember that you will have to take care of the car when you are having in your garage. Leaving the vehicle without using or any kind of maintenance will reduce its lifespan. You should keep cleaning it at least once a week and take it for a car wash at least once a month. Professional cleaning, waxing, and good car polish can make a lot of difference if you are not sure how to clean the car correctly.

But after cleaning, should you go for car waxing or car polishing? This is one of the most confusing things for many people. Many people use these two terms as an interchange for another one, but that is not the right. These two are two different things and offer you different results when you apply to your car. So, if you are unable to decide which is the best one for your vehicle, then here is some information about both of them.

Car Polish and Wax

Car Polish

You will have to go for car polish if your car has swirls, scratches, dirt, other imperfection, and oxidation. With a polish, you will remove a fine layer from the car surface. That means, when you remove the layer on the car, the dirt, scratches, and swirls will get minimized as the paint coating gets thinner, and the marks start to settle. You will have to go for polishing before you get the car waxing done. This is a step after car washing and car waxing.

Car wax

The paint coating of the car will be enhanced with the help of the car wax. It also helps in protecting the paint of your vehicle. Once you are done with the polishing, you will have to go for waxing so that the paint will start to shine. The left out swirls and scratches on the surface of the car will be covered with this wax layer. That means wax will not remove any layer from the car surface like polish. Instead, it will add a layer on to the car surface. That makes the car look smooth and shining.

Which one is good – Wax or polish?

If you are looking for just the shine and smooth look, then you will have to go for car polish. Compared to the car wax, the polish is going to last for a very long time. But wax does not last as long as the polish will last. Car polish has abrasive compounds in it, and so it is not advisable to go for it all the time. But wax contains Carnauba wax, and that will make sure that the glossy shine will remain for a long time. It will withstand the heat and sun and does not get washed off due to water. So, now it is your turn to decide which is the best option for you.