Do Compression Socks Help with Varicose Veins?

To start with, one must know what varicose veins are and what we must know and understand about it. Varicose veins are a group of veins which happen to be very clearly visible to the naked eye. This is because they are just below the skin. The occurrence of varicose veins in an area means that there is some amount of blood that gets accumulated in that area. This happens in contrast with being sent back up to the chest where the heart lies. These veins are seen more at the leg region and around the feet area as that is the farthest the blood could reach down.

Compression socks are known to have some assistance regarding the soreness and aches that varicose veins bring with it. It also helps in hiding their presence. These socks enhance one’s circulation of blood.

Compression Socks

It is proved helpful in preventing the increase of varicose veins. Here’s why:

  • As already mentioned above, one can certainly experience an enhancement in blood-flow using compression socks or stockings. It greatly reduces the occurrence as well as the pain associated with it. Many doctors often use them with severe varicose veins issue—a mainstay of treatment for varicose veins that are causing symptoms. Due to the increase in blood flow, the amount of blood that gets accumulated reaches the heart.
  • The stockings are loose at the thigh-region and are tight in the foot-region. It is recommended that one uses compression stockings or socks at the daytime for pain relief.
  • Mild varicose veins are mostly devoid of symptoms. If you happen to have mild aches or swelling, consider using knee-high socks or panty hoses. Knee-length socks can also do the trick. These are known for their ability to prevent and reduce aches and pains at the area used. They are cost-efficient and very cheap compared to the exclusive compression socks that do the same thing. More importantly, they are distance-efficient. They are available at any local departmental store. You can purchase them online as well.
  • Severe issues of varicose veins bring heavy pain. You need a doctor’s advice and a prescription to treat them. They can be relieved using compression socks of a particular make. They are available at a medical shop depending on the size that they sell and the size you need.

Compression socks for varicose veins are not cost-efficient and can be a burden to your budget. However, they live up to their value and quality. They are mostly durable and certainly helps in pain recovery. They prevent the veins from increasing. It might feel a little awkward to put on compression wear at first and might take a little while in becoming used to them. But if you get the right size, they ought to be comfortable. Any problems with the wear can be discussed with the doctor.

Varicose veins might seem like a small issue at first. But when worse, it might come to the point of getting surgery. Bandages of elastic make prevent blood from flowing, so it is best avoided when dealing with varicose veins. Doctors don’t usually suggest wearing those bandages. But when they do, enquire about the wrapping procedure.

When should the compression socks be worn?

Daytime is recommended as the effect of symptoms are pretty high during that time around. Some doctors recommend putting them on during the night as well to improve blood flow.


Varicose veins occur when the blood is trapped in a certain area instead of reaching the heart for pumping. They are painful when serious. Compression socks improves blood-flow and reduces the pain associated with it. However, they do not cure varicose veins.