Do stud finders detect wires?

When you shift to a new house and are not aware of the wires behind the walls, stud finders are the only solution for this problem. If you wish to drill a hole through the wall, you must be aware of the live wires behind so you don’t cause any damage to them yet succeed in your drilling process. Hanging photos or setting holes for the closet should be done safely without causing any damage to the live wires running behind the wall.

The stud finders are known to detect wires and metallic objects in the walls both by magnetic and electrical fields. The electrical stud finders are used to detect live wires through the wall with the help of the electric charge when it comes across wires or studs. The presence of the stud is indicated with an alarm or warning lights for easy detection. The stud finders not only find metal but also finds live wires with ease without causing any damage to the wall or the area.

If you are determining the wires in a wall of a building, then you should use stud wires. You can detect it with the help of a paper and electric field generated by the wires. The stud finders are sensitive to the electric field generated by the wires which help in easy detection of the wires through it. The electric field is directly dependent on the distance between the finder and the wall so you need to keep it near the walls.

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It is very easy to use stud finder as it can be held easily in the hand. There are various models available in the market with features like a flashlight or a beeping noise when a stud is found. Once you read the manual properly you will be able to use the stud finder easily. The tool is used when you are improving your house looks by hanging a chandelier or a light, you need to be sure that the light is hung on the stud only on the wall.

Tips while using Stud finder :

  • Make sure the wall has no object or painting is placed on the wall.
  • Hold the stud finder pressed against the wall and on the button of the tool. You need to use it again and again to find a stud. The device will help you in locating the walls so that you can hang the items easily.

It is mostly used while renovating the walls as it is tough to locate the wires from the outside of the wall. Make sure you read the manual properly before using the device. Every tool is different with unique features, so if you are not confident enough to use the stud finder then it is advised to take the help of someone familiar with the tool. do forget to check our stud finder reviews before buying one.