Electric Wok Vs. Stovetop Wok: Comparison

The Electric wok is quite popular these days in the market, so many people prefer to buy the electric wok over a traditional stovetop wok, but is it worth it? Let’s find out in this detailed post where we are going to compare both of the options, and in each section, we will tell you which type of cooking wok is better and why.

So it is going to be an interesting comparison between an electric wok and stovetop wok, and if you have any interest to know about the comparison, then stick with this post till the end.

Electric Wok Vs. Stovetop Wok

Electric Wok Vs. Stovetop Wok, Which One Is The Best?

  • Working Process

If we talk about the working process, a stovetop wok is like other utensils that you can put on direct stove flame contact to prepare dishes. On the other hand, a typical electric wok comes with a heating element that works like an induction base to produce heat through electric energy. But the best part of the electric wok is that you can easily control the temperature between cooking, but the stovetop ones have the hotspot issue, that stays hot even if you turn the stove off. So, the working process of both woks is in front of you; now you can design which one is the best for you as per your needs.

  • Design

In terms of the design from inside, there is no significant difference because both come with a curved shape. But the electric wok, on the other hand, comes with a dedicated base with it. This detachable base allows you to put your electric wok anywhere on a pain surface nearby an electric outlet, and that’s it you are ready to cook. But the conventional stovetop wok can blow along, and you have to set it up properly on the stove stand, so it might not falls during cooking.

  • Temperature Control

As we mentioned, the stovetop woks have issues getting hotspots, which can directly affect the way you cook. But there is no such case with the electric woks; it’s because the electric woks usually come with the temperature control probe or unit that allows you to set the temperature as per your need by just turning the dial.

  • Versatility

Because there is not a good temperature control in a stovetop wok, which ultimately decreases its versatility of cooking. On the other hand, you can use a typical electric wok for varicose and almost all the time of meals of the day. Like you can use an eclectic wok for preparing breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals without any issue.

  • Cleaning

Electric woks usually come with the smooth surface from inside and outside, and usually, it has the non-stick coatings as well; that’s why they become the dishwasher-safe options. Where, on the other hand, you must have to wash the stovetop wok with soapy water manually.

Final Thoughts

Both the electric wok and stovetop wok have their advantages and disadvantages, but the usefulness depends upon your needs. In this brief comparison, we have tried to put every single point about both woks to let you decide which one is the perfect suited one for you and your kitchen needs.