Factors to consider to pick the correct spin mop

Mopping the flooring is an essential part of keeping your house spick and span. Spinning mops pick up more dirt due to spinning motion in much less time as compared to conventional mops. There is also no need to squeeze the spin mop using your hand because the spinning motion of the mop expels excess water from it due to centrifugal force. Thus, spinning mops drastically reduce the physical labour involved in mopping.

Spin mops come in a plethora of models. There are certain features that you can look for to differentiate between various models and select the right spin mop as per your requirements.

Spin operation

The spinning action of the mop can either be activated by a foot pedal or push handle. In case of a spin mop equipped with a foot pedal, the spinning action of the mop is activated by pressing down on the pedal using your foot. The amount of water wrung from the mop depends upon the frequency of pressing down the pedal. More you press the foot pedal; greater will be the amount of water wrung from it. In case of push handle spin mop, the spin mechanism is activated by pushing down on the handle which has a lever to spin the mop. More water is wrung out of the mop with a greater number of pushes on the handle.

Detachable mop head

A spin mop with detachable mop head is a suitable choice. This is because a detachable mop head can be washed either in a machine or manually once in a while to get rid of dirt which builds up over a period of time. The damaged or filthy detachable head can also be replaced with a new mop head.


The height of the handle should be as per your height. However, a handle of greater height becomes a nuisance in small spaces. The best option is a spin mop having a handle of adjustable length. This implies that the handle can be extended to reach various heights and can also be collapsed to fit cramped spaces. Thus, the adjustable handle gives a lot of flexibility.


The fabric of the spin mop head should be capable of picking up dirt particles precisely and must not leave dirt behind on the floor. Microfiber is the common material of all high-quality spin mop heads.


The mop bucket which comes with a spin mop may or may not be equipped with wheels. Picking a mop bucket with wheels is recommended. This is because wheels make it easy to move the bucket across the rooms while mopping, thereby eliminating the physically strenuous task of lifting it up.

Extra features 

There are a number of extra features which could be present in the spin mop system. Some are as follows.

  • Drain plug helps in removing dirty water from the bucket without overturning it.
  • Splash guard prevents excess water from pooling around the bucket.
  • The soap dispenser is for dispensing the cleaning fluid into the water, which can be kept filled with a solution to eliminating the need to look for the bottle every time you mop.