Freezer vs. Refrigerator – What’s the difference?

There are differences between freezers and refrigerators, although refrigerators are also equipped with freezers. Thus, even though both freezers and refrigerators are used to store perishable items, they cannot be referred to interchangeably. Some points of difference have been discussed here.

Period of storage

The refrigerator keeps the perishable food items at temperatures which are enough to slow down the growth of microorganisms. But the temperatures are not low enough to kill the microorganisms. The perishable food items will be spoilt even in a refrigerator due to microorganisms, enzymes, and oxidation if they are kept for a long period of time. It is recommended that leftover food should not be kept in the refrigerator for more than 4 days and raw meat for more than 2 days.

In the case of the freezer, the perishable food items can be stored from months to a year, depending upon their types. Freezer keeps perishable food items at temperatures ranging in-between -10 degree F to -20 degree F. The freezer must be able to maintain zero and sub-zero temperatures. This is because higher temperatures damage the quality of food items. The temperature of the freezer needs to be checked from time to time. One simple way is to store ice cream in the freezer and check its consistency. The temperature of the freezer is not low enough if the ice cream is not as hard as a brick. The maximum period for which food items can be stored varies.


The refrigerator may cool the food items so much so that they freeze. This may happen due to improper temperature setting or dusty condenser coils. Freezers, on the other hand, are often affected by the problem of insufficient cooling, which results in spoiled food or excessive cooling, which damages the quality of the food items.  

The size of the appliance

In the freezer, you will not be able to keep all the food items as the space is low; however, in a refrigerator, you can keep all the food items you want to store. The freezers have only fewer compartments to store food and it is suitable for people who need only fewer food items to store. The refrigerator, on the other hand, is fit for large families. There is a freezer compartment in a refrigerator, but there is no fridge in a freezer.

The place of use

The freezers are usually used in commercial spaces such as small shops to large supermarkets. The freezers are suitable to store the dairy products and cool drinks that are put on sale on the markets. The refrigerators, on the other hand, can be used in homes because they are able to store the home-cooked food items and other eatables like fruits and vegetables at the right temperature. You can store cool drinks and dairy products in your home as well.

These are some of the differences between the freezer and refrigerator. You can choose the refrigerator for your home use as it is more suitable. The freezer is only compatible for commercial use.