Garment Steamer Vs Steam Iron – What to choose?

Both women and men are used to wearing wrinkle-free dresses to give a decent look. As the saying goes, the first impression is the best impression of having an impact on the person’s character. Ironing clothes at home is a daily task which cannot be avoided and to make this easy, garment steamers and steam iron have been introduced.

Let us discuss the pros and cons of garment steamers and steam iron so it would be easier for us to choose between the two.

Steam iron

The most conventional form of ironing clothes which is followed in almost all the houses. This is done by pressing the clothes among the hot plate of the iron which works on electricity. The hot plate removes wrinkles and makes the clothes look wrinkle-free. Being cost effective, they are being preferred by many. They are more effective in removing wrinkles and are user-friendly. Operating a steam iron is no big task and it comes along with various features like a sensor which cuts off heat automatically. Steam is also produced by heating the water in provision given for storing water and helps in offering wrinkle-free clothes.

The major drawback when it comes to using steam iron is the fear of spoiling the dress due to the heat produced. The settings for various clothes like silk, linen, cotton are available and accordingly, the heat should be set or might end up ruining your clothes. The steam iron is compatibility but it does not work alone. It requires an ironing table which is not portable and occupies space during travel, unlike garment steamer.

Garment steamer

Garment steamer being trendy and handy and being preferred nowadays for its luxurious look offers wrinkle-free clothes by steaming hanging clothes. This works for the benefit of people who are lazy enough to stand and iron clothes. The handheld garment steamer is light-weighted and does not come in touch with the fabric and offers wrinkle free clothes without coming in contact with them. The unique feature of garment steamers is compatibility and durability.

Operating a garment steamer is no big deal and is highly convenient to steam clothes in your wardrobe. The major setback when it comes to garment steamers is that they are not as cost-effective as a steam iron. The garment steamer does not offer proper wrinkle-free clothes as in the case of a steam iron. Perfection is lacking in this product but being handy and easily operated, they are being preferred over garment steamers.

The choice between garment steamer and steam iron comes down to the individual’s requirement as they may differ from one another. Garment steamers are preferred for their convenience whereas steam iron is preferred for their perfection.