Hand care tips to get smooth and beautiful hands

Each one of us wants our hands to be soft, smooth, subtle and beautiful. Well this desire will not come true if you do not do anything regarding it. People with young looking skin actually pamper their skin like kids which ultimately turns out to be good. A lot of youngsters complain about having itchy and rough skin which is a lot more irritating than ugly. Also, it is well known fact that eighty percent of our work is depended on our hand. If our hands do so much for us, they definitely require some care and nourishment from our part


Climatic conditions, which may result as dryness, may harm your skin and make your hands rough, dry and itchy. Using detergents and soap which full of chemicals may also harm your cuticles, nails and obviously your skin. Drinking too less water can also result in malfunctioning and dehydration of skin.


Discussing only the causes of dry, flaky skin would cause no good, you will need to take full precaution and care of your skin to make them smooth and healthy. Here are a few precautions and regular care tips.

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  1. Rehydrate to rejuvenate: use a proper and branded lotion to rehydrate and nourish your hand. Once you rehydrate your hand it will also rejuvenate and the skin will surely become healthy enough for you to take pride.
  2. Scrub and exfoliate: hands get dry and flaky when there are dead cells on the surface of the skin. To remove dead cells exfoliation is important. It is basically the removal of dead skin cells. It can be carried out by using any exfoliating lotion. But mind you to not forget using a moisturizer after scrubbing.
  3. Protecting and sunscreen-ing: if you want healthy and un-tanned skin you must not dare to forget applying sunscreen. The ultraviolet rays damage not only the upper layer but also the inner layers of your skin. Sunscreen forms a protecting shield between your skin and the harmful rays.
  4. Gloves are essential: be it cleaning utensils or your house, gardening or going out in the sun, DO NOT forget to wear gloves. Detergents, soil worms, and ultraviolet rays can damage your skin beyond expectation. Use the plastic gloves and protect your hand if their health matters to you at all.
  5. Use home remedies: a mixture of oatmeal and coconut oil is really helpful in providing nourishment and rehydration to your hands. All of us know he benefits of coconut oil but oat meal is equally beneficial.
  6. Egg yolk is healthy for skin too: whisk the egg yolk and do not eat it. Apply it on your skin, leave it for a few minutes and wash it with normal water. Egg yolk is known to cure dandruff problems. It has several other benefits for skin.
  7. Overnight nourishment: there is no better time to apply moisturizer and night creams other than at night. Our skin repairs itself at night faster than at daytime. Since your hands are idle at night, you can apply night creams that will work faster. At days you have hundreds of tasks for your hands to perform so applying best hand creams would not be that beneficial.
  8. Sleep is necessary: sleeping not only relaxes your mind but also help your skin to get healthier.
  9. Eating habits: for a healthy skin, eating plenty of green leafy vegetable, and food rich in vitamin A, C, and E is important.
  10. Smoking and alcohol is injurious: not hearing anything new, right? Smoking is not only injurious to lungs and alcohol is not only injurious to liver but they also have a very adverse effect on our skin. It darkens the area near our lips and this causes pigmentation.