How Does Mosquito Patches Really Work?

Coming off summer certainly brings mosquitoes along with them. Carrying out your daily routines can become quite a task in such places because before you know it, your bare skin will be covered with mosquito bites. You must shield yourself from such blood-sucking parasites as they can be the cause of various deadly diseases like Malaria and Zika. But don’t worry. Areas where mosquitoes rule, are places you need to stay cool.

Mosquito patches are great when it comes to repelling mosquitoes and can come in handy, especially if you are living in a mosquito-ridden area. Mosquito patches come in the form of packages. The cost of mosquito patches is usually based on the type of package you opt for, but often it is around a dollar.

Mosquito Patches

One can certainly be able to experience ease and comfort through mosquito patches, as they are portable and efficient. But you may be asking, ‘Why mosquito repellents are not a good option?’. Well, they are. However, they have a high chance of being a cause for itchiness and rashes. This has been a cause of concern between many people with sensitive skin. DEET, one of the most recognized and well-known mosquito repellents, also causes rashes for sensitive-skinned people and hence, is looking for other options. Mosquito patches happen to be one of them. While exploring and looking into many of the other options, they tend to question, ‘Is it effective?’, ‘Is it worth it?’ ‘How do they work?’.

To go into more detail, let’s check how they work and what mechanisms does it follow.

How does mosquito patches really work?

Every patch lasts no more than 36 hours of duration after coming in contact with the patch. The basic principle used in mosquito patches is the usage of complex vitamin B supplements, Vitamin B1, to be more specific. These patches are filled with this vitamin type in quantities that are enough to give off the odour in the user’s surroundings.

You may be curious, ‘Why vitamin B1 out of all the chemicals?’. After several studies, scientists found out that Vitamin B1contains an odour that is unpleasant to mosquitoes. Hence, it keeps mosquitoes from coming anywhere near it. Using this principle, they manufactured patches filled with a Vitamin B1 source.

These patches, being filled with Vitamin B1, saturate the portion of the skin in contact with the patch with it as well. Being unpleasing and nasty, mosquitoes are likely to not come near you. Don’t worry; it will only be nasty for mosquitoes, not human beings.

As for the effectiveness and efficiency, the NCBI- The National Center for Biotechnology Information, claims that the studies conducted for the efficiency of mosquito patches and complex vitamin B supplements in repelling mosquitoes are very small in number.

Using the studies already conducted, they claim that supplements like Vitamin B1 don’t come into much effect when keeping away mosquitoes. As the studies are still being underdone, this statement was released after researching only a limited number of human test subjects and not more than one mosquito genus and species.

Since a proper study and resulting statement are yet to be done, one cannot deduce that the statement ‘Mosquito Patches are reliable mosquito repellents’ is a fact or not.

Let’s look at two other options, in brief, namely wristbands and clip-on.


  • Safe in terms of use
  • Proven ineffective under Consumer Reports
  • According to the FCC, claims given by the organization lacks scientific proof and evidence.


  • Unsafe in terms of use
  • Effective but dangerous for the user and environment
  • According to case studies, it cannot prevent vector-borne sicknesses. It circulates a hazardous chemical named ‘Metafluthrin,’ which, according to the Environmental Protection Agency, is a carcinogen and a neurotoxin.


In comparison, we see that Mosquito patches are somewhat better in use and safety compared to the other options available in the market. No one wants to compromise on safety. Hence, even if it lacks much efficiency, patches prove positive results.