How to choose a perfect electric rice cooker?

Pressure cooker is a must have utensils in any kitchen but with the passage of time the pressure cooker manufacturer made their cooker as per the latest technology and electric pressure cooker is an ideal example of it and today we are going to discuss on how you can get the best electric rice cooker which is available online.

If we talk about the Indian food, the rice is one of the major items which people have on their table for at least 2 meals per day. To cook rice, electric pressure cookers were introduced and with advancements in technology electric pressure cookers are in trend nowadays.

To cook rice you just have to switch and a couple of buttons and rest work will be done by your electric pressure cooker. If you have one electric pressure cooker then you don’t have to worry about the whistle and don’t have to worry about the overcooked of your rice some pressure cooker are also use to make other dishes as well, but the question in mind how you can get the best and reliable electric rice cooker either online or offline well only some stores provide electric pressure cooker and most of the time you have to go online for the electric rice cooker and here is the guide how can you choose the perfect one for you.

A quick and short guide how to choose perfect electric rice cooker


The first an important thing before buying any utensils is the capacity of that utensil and the same rule follow on electric pressure cooker. It’s very simple just count the number of family members and it will help you to choose the right size of pressure cooker for you. If you have a moderate number of family members 4 to 6 then you can go ahead with a electric rice cooker with a capacity of 3 to 5 liters.

Ease of operation

Either you are a new to cooking or a pro the ease of cooking is really awesome an awesome feature. As the main purpose of electric rice cooker is to operate at the convenience of the customer.  For cooking rice, all you need to do is add rice, the required quantity of water, and with a touch of a button, your rice starts cooking. This all can be done using just a single button, and you don’t need to worry about other setting.

Keep warm feature

In today’s tech savvy world most of the electric cookers comes with a feature keep warm you must check it before buying the electric rice cooker. Cooking rice with ease is not enough as we need to serve it hot and warm. Your rice will be warm with perfect consistency and flavor remain same so must check this feature before buying.


Usually there are 2 types of mechanisms that it uses. They are the heat induction method and the thermal cooking method. The heat inductions method is mostly preferred when it comes to choice as it cooks the rice precisely.


Having warranty on your electric rice cooker gives you peace of mind the maximum of warranty period is chances of getting trust of customers so it’s one of the important factor which you must check before buying any electric rice cooker. Instead of this have some other features which you can keep in your mind at the time purchasing electric rice cookers which are Quality, Material, Handle, Delay Start, Indicator and Weight.