How To Choose The Right Cast Iron Pan?

People have used cast iron pans for many years. People use this cast iron pan for the number of advantages being provided by it. These pans are highly durable and hence, come to a longer life. Some people have been using the same pan for two or more generations. Since cast iron pan gets heat faster when kept on the stove or oven or open fire, people use this pan for many reasons. With different brands and shapes of pans available in the market, you need to know how to choose the right one.

Traditional or Enameled Cast Iron Pans:

Traditional cast iron pan – When you consider the traditional iron pan, it requires a proper seasoning to get a nonstick surface. Though there are some pre-seasoned pans, they are more expensive than normal pans. So, it is better to go with traditional normal pans. Traditional cast iron pan requires seasoning, and you should not wash it using soap or dishwasher. After cooking the food, you need to coat it with a thin layer of oil for future use.

Enameled cast iron pan – When you choose an enameled cast iron pan, you are free to cook the variety of dishes, even acidic foods. You don’t require frequent seasoning of the pan, and also you can wash it using soap and water. But here the problem is you can’t cook it in a campfire.

So, based on your requirements, you can go either with a traditional or enameled cast iron pan.


There are three basic sizes of cast iron pans available in the market, such as 8-inch, 10-inch, and 12-inch pan. If you are buying the 8-inch pan, it will serve one person only. For instance, using this pan, one can cook 2 pieces of chicken thighs or fry 1 to 4 eggs, etc. Coming to the 10-inch pan, it will feed one to two persons. Using this skillet, you can cook most meals easily.

At last, we are going to see the 12-inch cast-iron pan, which is perfect enough to serve 2 to 4 people. Since it is larger, you can’t toss food easily by carrying the iron pan. This is the ultimate skillet to cook any meals that are in large quantities.

Handle Design:

Since iron pans are heavier to carry while cooking, you need to check the handle design. The handle should be durable so that you can cook in a high flame without worrying about it. You can either go for a one-handle pan or U-shaped handle pan as both provide the ease for cooking.

Thick Base:

This is another crucial feature that you need to check while buying the cast iron pan. When the iron pan has a thicker base, it will slowly transfer heat all over the surface. So, you will feel comfortable holding the pan for cooking.

Side Walls:

To prevent oil from spilling to the edge of the cast iron pan, check for the sidewalls. Such sidewalls help you to turn the food easily for cooking or to remove from the pan.

These are the factors that you need to check while buying the cast iron pan.