How to select the best refrigerator water filter?

One will find it a hard task to find a good replacement or a new refrigerator water filter with the given number of choices that serve the same motive. We must look at some important criteria to choose the right one for your refrigerator. We are here to help you with that!

The factors to check out to get hands-on best refrigerator water filter are:


We must consider the fact that every water filter is not the same as the other. It is a must to search the ideal water filter for your refrigerator as the producers create modifications and attach parts compatible with only certain refrigerators.

Model numbers of your refrigerator would be a great help! You can either type the model number on the internet if you are doing online shopping or compare the model number to the water filter information provided. But don’t buy it just yet because it works with your refrigerator!

The Filtering Capabilities

The variation of refrigerator water filters is the particle size they can filter (which is measured in microns). You must make sure you get the lowest rating possible (20 microns average) as it restricts the entry of the smallest of impurities. Micron ratings are something you must keep in mind as they provide you with that information.

The Capacity

After the first two, we must ensure that you get the most capacity. Many water filters have a capacity of 150-300 gallon capacity, which works perfectly for at least 6 months.

Ease of Use

An ideal refrigerator water filter must be installed with ease. Installation without any tools is something you should be searching for. If it is too complicated, then let a refrigerator expert handle it.

The Type of Water Filter

The location of the water filter depends on its size. The slide-out, canister, and the grille are some places where it can be installed.

Pick a Certified Water Filter

This is a crucial factor. Branded and certified water filters will claim to be durable, safe, perform well, and give clean and clear water. Generic water filters and uncertified brands that claim to filter the water is something you must not go for. Products certified by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) are essential.

 NSF and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) are closely associated with having two sets of standards. They are 42 and 53. The previous standard cares about visuals of water. The latter takes care of contaminations. Standard 53 refrigerator water filter is something you must look for.

Keeping the above criteria in mind, one can purchase the best refrigerator water filter and make it part of your home.