How To Use a Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Wet and dry vacuum cleaner is a powerful and equally useful machine that helps out in cleaning even the toughest of debris, dust and wet spillage. It works on a simple mechanism where there are two different buckets that help store the dry and the wet particles so that those don’t get mixed up. The particles then can be unloaded to clear the load. We here look into how you can use a wet and dry vacuum cleaner properly. Read along.

Clear the hose at first

Always make sure that the vacuum hose isn’t blocked. Remove any of the stagnant water from the vacuum hose. For this you can simply put or angle the hose in a bucket and then switch on the vacuum cleaner. Any remaining water or spillage in the pipe will empty into the drum.

Select the filter

Often times we forget to select the filter while switching the vacuum cleaner on. A wet and dry vacuum comes with different filters and you can select them based on your preference. If you want to clean off the foam filter for the liquid spills and paper filter for the dust and debris cleaning.

Select the right attachment

You have cleaned off the hose and now have selected the filter also. Next up you should look at the right choice of attachment for the usage. A wet and dry vacuum comes with different attachments and you have the luxury of deciding on them based on your needs. You can go for the narrow ones if you want to clean the tight areas and the larger attachment to cover more area at once.

Use exhaust as per the need

If you don’t know, there’s also an exhaust portion on the wet and dry vacuum. These have the ability to help around with the suction and clean the outdoor in an easier way. Use this whenever you feel the need for it.

Empty the tub after use

One thing that remains a major foray is that you need to empty the tub after using it. regular emptying of the tub will help keep the vacuum cleaner performing at the highest level and will stop it from revolting or getting stuck. All you need to do is unclip the pegs and then you can simply lift the lid so as to clean off the tub. Always make sure to empty the tub after cleaning off the wet spillage as keeping that inside the tub can create a foul smell.

So this is how you can use a wet dry vacuum cleaner to the maximum performance levels giving you a clean home while also making sure that the machine remains scheduled for longer shelf life.