How to Vacuum Your Car Properly?

It is essential to vacuum the car interiors appropriately to avoid the accumulation of dust and mould development that cause health issues.

Let’s have a look at the right method for a deep car interior vacuum.

Getting ready

It would help if you got certain stuff to carry out this process. Get yourself a couple of plastic bags and take all loose stuff from the car. This means you should take all necessary as well as unnecessary items. Then, get rid of the floor mats too. Keep the floor mats in a neat and dry space. If you happen to own a compressed air vacuum, then it is suggested that you blow the shifter boots, seat tracks, seat bottom to get rid of trapped dust. It is fine even when you don’t have a compressed air vacuum because we will show you how to clean those spots again.

vacuum cleaner


Before starting your car vacuum by using any crevice tool, it is recommended to sand down the sharp edges or any plastic burrs that originate from the plastic mould during manufacturing. These plastic burrs often get stuck and scratch the car leather interiors and pull off your car carpet fibres during vacuuming. If you are not having any sandpaper, scuffing the plastic burr against the rough floor is recommended. This will make the tip smooth in a very simple way.

Vacuuming process

  • Push the car seat back all the way to the end of its rails. Lay down the seat back in the direction of the rear of the car.
  • Begin under the seat vacuuming. Then vacuum the rails of the seat track, the centre, foot area, between the seat and console, and other encircling areas. Vacuum in a direction that is a counter clock for efficient cleaning. Ensure the grease of the seat rail is not removed in the process of vacuuming. The grease is essential for seat movement over the rails.
  • Brush the carpet for trapped dirt using a brush. Brushing is recommended for fibres. Post this; vacuuming can be done. Smack the carpet to dislodge the accumulated dirt and stuck dust. Vacuum it properly to get rid of the dust from deep fibres. Vacuum the backside of the car seat. Vacuum the seams of the seat that is between the seat back and seat bottom. After this vacuum, the seat bottom.
  • At the stitched base, run the crevice by splitting the seams. Compressed air can be used for vacuuming these areas. Repeat it counter clockwise all through the car interiors beginning from the driver seat. Beat the carpets and vacuum blow.
  • Vacuum the carpets when they are not too dirty before putting them back into your car. Ensure there’s no wet junk stuck to the car carpet. Brush the carpet fibres in the opposite direction and then in the for direction back to get added carpet cleaning.


When car vacuum cleaning is done appropriately, you enhance your car’s life and your health. A well-maintained car gives motivation to drive. When the process is maintained by making it a habit, it ensures a clean and healthy car for you to drive and use it.