Learn About Wood Lathe And Its Benefits

What is a wood lathe?

A wood lathe is a machine that converts industrial products to ornaments.

How does a wood lathe function?

A wood lathe is embedded with a rotation device which spins parallel to wood lathe’s surface via different tools. This device creates unique cuts and designs through a solid material block. The tools in lathe cuts, drills, knurls, and sands the symmetrically-designed products, which are turned on a lathe.

Types of Wood Lathes

  • JET JWL-1221VS Benchtop Wood Lathe – is considered as the best model in the market for those intermediates and experts who are more inclined to get results from this equipment. However, beginners find it expensive. However, if you are very particular about the quality, the entire public recommend you to buy this model. The JET JWL-1221VS Benchtop Wood Lathe features the speed control, which can be continuous or discrete. You get the discrete control of RPM’s that vary from 430 onwards. The maximum speed control is 3900. The continuous control allows you to spindle the speed within the machine’s limits. The digital readout indicates the speed at which you are running the machine. However, the machine has some drawbacks. The center-to-center is a problem if you want to make it longer than 21 inches, for which you need a bed extension.
  • Grizzly H8259 Wood Lathe – If you are looking for a wood lathe with a slim or shoe-string budget, Grizzly H8259 Wood Lathe is the right choice. You get this model at a low cost with uncompromised performance. The Grizzly Wood Lathe gives you an option of 5 discrete speed settings. They are 826, 1205, 1713, 2422, and 3337 rpm.
  • RIKON Wood Lathe 70-100 – comes to you at moderate prices. When it comes to bed and swing over tool rest, the 70-100 is the top picked item. If you are looking for the thick and short stocks, RIKON Wood Lathe 70-100 is the best for you. You get this Wood Lathe at affordable rates. The RIKON 70-100 can go lower than 430 RPM and is capable of providing you with a better speed profile. You can set the machine to 810, 1230, 1810, 2670, and 3900 RPM. The disadvantage of this machine is center-to-center distance. However, you can overcome it through an extension bed, depending on its length.
  • Delta 46-460 Wood Lathe – Are you looking for a wood lathe that can compete with toe-to-toe? If so, Delta 46-460 is the right choice. You can get this wood lathe that gives you continuous speed control. You have the flexibility to set the speed to any value between the range of 250-750, 600-1800, and 1350-4000 RPM.
  • Powermatic 1352001 Wood Lathe – If you are getting a substantial income from turning wood, you have made the right choice! It contains 2 hp motors, which allows you to turn the wood to two ranges, with varying speed control at 125-3500 RPM and 50-1500 RPM. You can either change or adjust the speed through variable-speed controls.

Conclusion: The right wood lathe depends on the need of each user. Hence, there is no right or wrong here.