Microwave Oven Cooking Useful Tips & Tricks

Cooking and eating homemade meals is very important for the health of a family. The invention of various home appliances like blenders, Crockpot, and microwave has made working in the kitchen simple and fast. Cooking at home, in addition to being healthy, provides a therapeutic experience when done right. In this article, let’s learn useful tips for cooking with a microwave oven.

5 important and useful tips for cooking with a microwave oven

The most modern kitchen includes a microwave oven, yet some of us are apprehensive about using it. We worry about the time taken to clean or food getting burnt. Here, we have shared some important tips that make microwave cooking enjoyable. Here I would suggest you that always choose a reputed convection microwave oven brand for good experience.

  1. Cookware to use:

It is important to avoid using a certain type of cookware when heating food in the microwave. Metals plates and containers should not be used while cooking food in the microwave. Metal is a good conductor of heat; it either burns your fingers or starting melting and changing its shape. For the same reason, avoid using low-quality plastic utensils. Glass is the best type of cookware for making food in a microwave oven.

  1. Type of food cooked:

When cooking in the microwave, it is important to understand the technology it uses. Usually, it is suggested to avoid cooking thicker meat in the microwave as they are tougher. Thin meat slices or vegetables cook well in the microwave.

Also, when heating water in the microwave, ensure you do so only for 2 minutes. Microwave technology tends to overheat and water and cause it to explode.

  1. It can be used to dry out herbs

One important tip of microwave cooking is that it can be used for drying out the herbs. Fresh herbs like parsley or cilantro can be tried out in microwave by placing them on a sheet and heating it for 2-3 minutes. The dried herbs can be crumbled and stored for using it later.

Using the same technique, one can break down the crystallized honey. Heating the honey jar in the microwave for two minutes will liquidize it.

  1. Microwave can be used for slow cooking and steaming

As pointed out earlier, it is suggested to avoid cooking thick skin meats in the microwave. But convection model microwave allows for a slow cooking option that provides for even cooking of meat while retaining its moisture. Also, thick vegetables like broccoli can be steamed in the microwave by piercing into their skin.

  1. Cleaning the microwave oven

We all hate cleaning and microwave is no expectation for this rule. The grease and oil stains on the insides of the microwave can be removed easily with water and lemon solution. Take a cup of water and add two-three drops of lemon juice. Place the cup in the microwave and heat it for 2 minutes on medium temperature. Later open the door and wipe the surface with a tissue paper. This is the simplest way to clean a microwave oven.


Next time when cooking with a microwave oven try out the tips mentioned here and shares your experiences.