Plasma cutting Machine- Factors that would influence the choice

A plasma cutting machine is a useful tool for cutting metals. It works using electric power and high-velocity Ionized gas. Plasma cutting is employed for cutting a wide range of metals that are conductive such as stainless steel, aluminium, mild steel, etc. However, there are different types of plasma cutters in the market, and different gases are used for the cutting purpose. Therefore, it is important to choose a plasma cutting machine that is ideal for your purpose.

Factors that might matter

Thickness– It is important to choose the Plasma cutter depending on the thickness of the metal that you would frequently cut using the plasma cutter. 25 amps output would be suitable for cutting metals that are ¼” thick. But, you would require at least an 80amp output cutter for metals that are about 1” thick. You can be assured of clean cuts without dross or slag if you use the right plasma cutter.

Cutting speed– The cutting speed is measured in Inches per minute or IPM. The manufacturer would provide the cutting speed for different machines. A high amperage cutter would cut through a metal much faster. That is when you use a 60 amp cutter to cut ¼” thick metal the cutting speed would be higher rather than using a 25 amp cutter to cut the same.

Duty cycle– Duty cycle refers to the period for which you can use the cutter continuously without having to cool it before reuse. A cutter with a longer duty cycle is preferable, especially if you are going to be using the machine for a lot of cutting work or frequently.

 Size and weight– Advanced technology has made it possible to access plasma cutters that are of high power and performance despite the cutters being light in weight. A lightweight plasma cutter is considered to be ideal because it would not occupy much space, and it would be easy to move it around in the workplace depending on your requirement.

Cutting quality– The metal that is cut using the plasma cutter would be put to use for manufacturing several types of finished products. Therefore, the cutting quality plays a crucial role in determining the quality of the finished good as well. A plasma cutter that can cut metals clean and neat edges would be the right choice. You can find the best equipment from those in the market by asking the experts or going through customer ratings and reviews.

Ease of use– When plasma cutters are endowed with several features, it might be complex for people with limited knowledge. Therefore ensuring that the cutter has the features that you need for the job on hand and one that can be handled even by less experienced persons is the right choice.

When you choose a plasma cutter that meets the standards and is certified properly, you will not face reliability issues. Apart from being easy to use, they would be safe as well. Always take time to choose the cutter you want to buy. It would ensure that you do not have to regret later or invest again on another machine within a short time.