Should you have a Fire Escape Ladder?

A fire escape ladder is not something that most people thought of purchasing 10 or 15-years back. However, with the increase of fire accidents, the demand for fire escape ladders have been going up. Is it really necessary to purchase and store an escape ladder in your household? This is one of the common questions we have been receiving for some time. In this article, we will discuss, why we think you need a fire escape ladder.

What is a fire escape ladder –

A fire escape ladder is different from a regular ladder. A fire escape ladder is a rescue accessory that could help the people escape from a tall building due to fire. Most commonly, fire escape ladders are used by the fire force. Unlike a regular ladder, a fire escape ladder could be deployed from the interior of a building through a window/balcony/terrace. This is one of the main reasons why we recommend purchasing a fire escape ladder.

Fire Escape Ladder

There are two types of fire escape ladder, stationary fire escape ladder, and portable fire escape ladder. We recommend going with portable fire escape ladders. Stationary fire escape ladder would be attached to the wall permanently, on the other hand, portable fire ladders would be stored inside your home and the user could deploy it anytime they need it.

Who needs a fire escape ladder?

While most of the people assume that fire escape ladders are best for only apartments. This is a wrong assumption, to begin with. A quick deployable fire escapable fire ladder could come in handy for any person. Let it be a two-story building or three-story building, a fire escape ladder could always be a great accessory to be added to your fire escape kit.

As far as we know, there are fire escape ladders that could people to get out of a six-story building with ease. Having a fire escape ladder could offer an extra level of protection in case of fire accidents. You do not have to wait for the firefighters to come to rescue you.

Advantages of having a fire escape ladder –

  1. Customizable to your need –

Most of the fire escape ladders are portable so they could be deployed from anywhere. This portability commonly makes the ladder customizable.

  1. Diversity –

While the term fire escape ladder is a general name, there are different types of fire escape ladders available on the market. Permanent, portable, and mobile, based on the type you need you could purchase one. Permanent fire escape ladders could available in any design. They could be designed as a regular staircase and this is one of the best things about permanent fire escape ladder.

  1. Portable and mobile fire escape ladders are comparatively cheap –

While permanent fire escape ladders and regular ladders could be expensive, a mobile or portable fire escape ladder is comparatively cheap. Some of the models of portable or mobile fire escape ladder could be used as an alternative to regular ladders.

A fire escape ladder might seem to be an overrated rescue access or to most people. But, remember, in a fire hazard, a fire ladder could be the only thing that stands as a bridge between life and death. Consider purchasing it and have an extra level of confidence that you could escape in case of a fire hazard.