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There are vast varieties of options available for the flooring as well as to choose a fashionable style of décor for the home. You can learn something from here and make a choice as per the needs and budget of your home. Sisal carpet is an environment friendly option among flooring.

If you value the sustainability of the material, then sisal carpet is the best one. Natural as well as renewable fibers are used to make the Sisal carpet. Moreover, it will also harvested by the hand sustainable by the hand. The Sisal Plant is known as Agave Sisalina, which is an Agave plant and belongs to the Spanish port of Sisal in the Yucatan, Mexico, from the origin of this plant comes. The region of semi-arid is good for the growth of the Sisal Plant such as Africa and South America. The height of this plant can grow up to two to three feet. Sisal was arrived at Tanzania in the year 1893, in the year 1960’s, it reached its peak, and during this, Brazil became the leader in the production of Sisal. Presently, the largest exporter of the Sisal is Brazil and producing around 1, 25,000 tons of sisal in a year.

Sisal Carpet

Beyond its eco-friendliness, sisal is the excellent material for carpeting. Along with this, it is one of the durable natural fibers and also strong as compared to the other materials such as jute or coir. Moreover, it is also used for the things such as mariner rope and baling twine. It is also used by the automobile industry in the replacement of greenery for things such as asbestos and fiberglass. Even, also used for other objects such as mattresses, paper and dart boards. It has a molecular structure and it is also quite dense. It is absorbing the sound and also fire resistant. Sisal Carpet is a natural material and even, good for the asthma and allergies as well. All types of pattern can be dyed and even woven, so there is no need to worry about the rest of the decoration of home. A low maintenance is required by the sisal carpet. It has minimum wear and tear. Sisal Carpets are also available as plaid, herringbone and twill. These are anti-static, does not attract dirt and dust particles. In addition to this, it does not absorb water and even, moisture as well.

Sisal Carpets are widely used as one of the best natural fiber and it can also easily cultivate. Such types of fibers are completely bio-degradable. The sisal fibers present in the sisal carpet were exemplified for mechanical as well as thermal properties. Apart from this, it is not perfect for the smooth finish of a wall and also not suitable for wet areas.

Sisal Carpets are normally used in the shipping industry for lashing as well as handling cargo. It is also used in spa products, cat scratching posts, belts, rugs, slippers and many more. But it is perfect if you want to use it in your home.