The Best Sewing Machine For Beginners

Choosing a sewing machine as a beginner is an arduous fact owing to the number of features of the machine which you have got to consider. There are also quite a number of brands of sewing machines in the market that can make the choice tougher. However, you can use your budget as the guideline to choose one of the best sewing machines for beginners. Some of the best sewing machines in the market have been listed

 Sewing machines for beginners

 Usha Janome Automatic stitch magic 70-watt sewing machine

 It is one of the electronic sewing machines that come with advanced features like

  • Built-in motor
  • Aluminum body
  •  Automatic thread cutter
  • Triple strength stitch suitable for all types of fabrics
  •  23 different types of built-in designs
  •   57 stitch functions
  •  2-year warranty
  • Color-coded functional display
  •   Built-in needle threader

Usha also manufacturers mini sewing machines in India.

Singer Talent 3321 sewing machine

 This is a reputed brand that has already earned a name for producing quality sewing machines of the manual model. This is an automatic machine  with features include

  • The metal frame of heavy-duty type
  •  Stitch patterns of 21 kinds that are built-in
  •  Dial for pattern selection
  •  Needle threader that is automatic
  •  About 55 stitch functions
  •  Stitch length and width adjustment
  •  Top drop-in bobbin
  • Built-in light
  • Needle positions that are variable.

Usha Janome Wonder stitch Automatic Zig-Zag Sewing Machine

This gets its name with the sewing machine that can be used for embroidering as well. it operates at a speed of 860rpm. The other features include

  •  Triple strength stitch
  •   Automatic needle threader that is built-in
  •  Lighting with a stitch that is built-in
  •  Embroidery using the drop feed
  •  Circular stitch using the free arm
  •  Stitch function that is about 30 in number
  •  Inbuilt designs that are 13 in number also with buttonholing.

Usha Janome Allure Automatic Zig-Zag Electric sewing machine

It is easily a sewing machine that is pocket-friendly. You would find that it is the machine that you generally would find comfortable to buy within your budget. However, there is no compromise on the features which include

  •  Stitch length selection and pattern maker which includes two dial pattern maker.
  • Makes it possible for 21 applications including smocking
  • Built-in stitches that are about 13 numbers
  • Carrying handle making it a portable machine
  •  Built-in light
  •  550 SPM stitching speed
  •  Bobbin system of auto tripping nature

Singer Tradition FM 2250 sewing machine

 This is a Singer brand’s budget version with all the features that you would love to have include

  • ●        Needle position changing facility
  •  80 watts power machine
  •  Feed dog system which is four-segmented
  •  The free arm that facilitates circular stitching
  •  Stitch length adjustment and zig-zag stitches with greater width.
  • Stitch selection with the click of the button
  •  Easy threading

There are other machine too that also have the essential features to make them the best sewing machines. You may choose them to start doing your sewing projects .