The latest technology of Laser as Best golf range finder

A pro-player can indeed approximate the distance without any need for a rangefinder. Beginners and professionals need a rangefinder, not just for finding one’s range and length, but for various other reasons. There are two types of rangefinders, namely, Lasers and GPS. Optical rangefinders are highly disregarded as their accuracy is not up to the mark. When it comes to Laser-types, they find the distance and the range by using Infrared laser rays. GPS, on the other hand, uses satellites and signals to estimate the distance, just like any other in-vehicle GPS or mobile-GPS. Because of the involvement of satellites and storage maps, the rate of estimation and determination is more accurate and quicker. The negative point with GPS is that since it uses maps that are already stored, it cannot be accessed in all the lawns.

However, whether you are in a foreign country or a village nearby, your laser rangefinder has your back. Every type of rangefinder can do its job, but it can do it accurately and precisely.

Both types are best golf range finders, and both of them have their good and bad qualities. They have their originality with various features and shine to help you have the best golf game experience. Having this new technology right at your reach might be a little overwhelming, but it will be beneficial for enhancing the game experience.

The technology of Laser Rangefinder

As mentioned above, although GPS rangefinders are considerably quicker and equally accurate than any other rangefinders out there, since they function with satellites and storage maps, they are not accessible in all the areas. This can be at a very disadvantageous side if you are an extensive traveller, especially if used in places where its map is not registered or added. Hence, it limits its usage.

Working of a Laser Rangefinder

Its working is pretty simple. All you have to do is to point the laser to the desired target-site and then press the laser’s trigger. Using the infrared beams of light-rays, it will locate the adjacent hole nearby and read you a range for your shot in seconds. However, depending on the device bought, the level of ease and accuracy is decided. Hence, it is always best to get branded models.

Other golf-range finders

  • Optical Rangefinders- It is equipped with zoomed lenses. It is not as accurate and precise as the others.
  • GPS Rangefinders- Since it uses storage maps and signals, you must pay a fee every month.

The working of a laser rangefinder is simple. A laser is cast out from the rangefinder to the desired site. The laser comes back after hitting a flag-post that is next to the hole. It registers the time taken and then calculates the distance.

Accuracy of a Laser Rangefinder

In the past, auto focus cameras, as well as laser rangefinders, were not accurate. However, using the latest technology, the accuracy of various rangefinders has improved quite a lot, and so did the price.


By far, many of the golf players find laser rangefinders as a best golf range finder. There are mainly two types of rangefinders, and GPS ones are one of them. GPS is great in speed and accuracy but not accessible in every single place. Optical ones are disregarded due to lack of inaccuracy.