What Are Safety Shoes & What Are They Used For?

Of the many hazards that are present around us, workplace hazards are the predominant among them. Due to the high number of risks involved, a safety shoe is mandatory rather than being a choice. This is especially helpful for workers in the construction and industrial sector. Be it electric wires or wet surfaces, the appropriate shoe for working in dangerous areas are safety shoes. Unlike normal shoes, safety shoes are more about providing safety and avoiding accident than looks.

This article will help you to understand the usage of safety shoes in different areas of work.

  • Protection from drop hazards

Safety shoes are more like a saviour, especially for people who work in heavy metal manufacturing and construction sector. They are more prone to dangerous hazards at any time. In their workplace, objects and people keep moving around. For such sectors, steel toe safety shoes offer maximum protection. It shields the feet from major injuries.

  • Skid protection

Slipping or falling is one of the common reasons for workplace accidents or injuries. That is why the shoes need to protect you from slipping. If workers are handling lubricants or water, it is mandatory to wear anti-skid safety shoes. They are also a requirement for people who work at heights because they frequently climb ladders. Falling because of skidding may cause a really bad injury.

  • Protection from chemicals

The safety shoe’s important function is to protect your feet from harmful chemicals. If the workers are working in cement or chemical industry, they cannot wear simple shoes. It is because a lot of chemicals will be all over the floor which is a hazard for the worker. If the feet gets contaminated by the industrial chemicals, there are high chances to get burns.

  • Cold weather protection

Again, normal shoes cannot be used because they are not meant to keep you warm while you work in extreme weather conditions. These types of shoes come with protection against frostbite, for workers in wet or refrigerated areas. It can maintain and regulate the temperature of the feet.

  • Protection from electric shocks

If you are an electrician or work in an electrical company, safety shoes are a must-have. The shoes contain non-conductive materials like rubber, leather, etc., to stop the flow of current. Some are specially designed to have anti-static materials to stop electric sparks.

  • Protection from cuts

If you work with sharp objects or moving machinery parts, then safety shoes are more than for precaution. They have cut-resistant material which will not let the sharp object to penetrate and touch the feet. The outer body is quite hard with a steel toe that acts as a barrier.

  • Provides comfort

These shoes are also capable of providing comfort so that you don’t feel tired. Workers in industries stand for a long time to work and their body muscles can grow tired. But the safety shoes come with cushion inner sole which is capable to minimize the strain on the feet.

The bottom line

From this it is clear, wearing safety shoes is a huge positive. These shoes itself confirm the saying, prevention is truly better than cure!