What is a wall mount fan? How does it work?

Wall Mount fans play a significant role in cooling a household. Wall mounts fans have gained a lot of popularity in recent times, they provide much-needed air circulation and reduce the effect on heat.

Not all of us are familiar with wall mount fans. Read this article to know the meaning and working mechanism of wall mounted fans.

Meaning of wall mount fans

Wall mount fans or wall fans are mounted to a wall in any given room. It keeps the air circulated through the room. Wall mount fans are similar to table fans. When space is an issue and you want to keep the air flowing wall mount fans are the solution. In contrast to other fan types, a wall mount fan takes up less space and adjustable as per the needs of a home. A Wall mount fan offers several benefits, some of which are discussed later in the article.

Working of a wall mount fan

As pointed out earlier in the article a wall mount fan works pretty well in circulating air in a constricted space. So let’s understand how a wall mount fan works.

A wall mount fan pushes air around the area in which they are installed. The working of a wall mount fan is different from that of a ceiling fan. A ceiling fan circulates air and a wall mount fan pushes air. They reduce the interior temperature and thereby provide relief from the heat.

The main benefit of installing a wall mount is not limited to saving floor space it also creates an instant air movement by circulating it all around the room. Usually, a closed area like a basement and gym needs good air circulation to prevent stiffness and installing a wall mount fan in such places is beneficial. Wall mount fans can be used in both residential and commercial places.

When purchasing a wall mount fan consider factors like the size of the room, motor, blades, cleaning, usage, and noise.

Applications of a wall mount fan

  1. Wall mount fans can be installed in a small and tight location to provide proper air circulation
  2. Working in a kitchen during summers is sweaty, installing a wall mount fans reduce the heat generated in the kitchen.
  3. Wall mount fans can be installed in outdoor and semi-outdoor areas like the porch and patio.
  4. Wall mount fans are also used in working areas like the garage or sheds, which accumulates intense heat.

Bottom line

Wall mount fans are a cheap and perfect alternative to air conditions. They help in keeping the place cool during hot seasons. We hope this article helped you understand the meaning and working of a wall mount fan.