What Is The Best Luggage Weighing Scales Brand in India

Travellers find the luggage weighing scales very useful. A luggage scale assures that your luggage is not overweight or over packed. If you are planning to buy a new weighing scale for luggage, then there are several excellent brands in India. Now let us see some of the top luggage weighing scale brands India.

Belita silver luggage weighing scale can offer you accurate readings. The scale is made of ABS material and makes it very sturdy. The weight of this scale is just 145 grams, but you can weigh heavy luggage with it. You can easily travel with this scale and weigh your luggage whenever you are travelling. This handy device has a compact screen that displays accurate readings.

Luggage Weighing Scales

The generic digital luggage weighing scale 

The brand offers the best luggage weighing scale with smarty features. The generic luggage weighing scale is the most affordable scales available on the list. This compact scale contains a strong metallic hook to weigh the luggage. You do not have to worry about overpacking as the weight limit of the scale is 50 kg. It is the ideal luggage weighing scale for the airport. If the device is inactive, it automatically shuts down. This smart feature helps to save battery and power of the machine.

Zollyss luggage weighing scale  

The Zollyss is the premium luggage weighing scale brand in India. This scale can function very effectively and comes with a weighing limit of 50 kg. The machine comes with a sturdy steel handle that helps you to store it easily. When purchasing this Zollyss luggage scale, you can weigh not only luggage but also other items. This versatile device comes with three measuring units. The battery power is AAA, that means the scale is energy efficient.

The smile drive luggage weighing scale 

Smile Drive is yet another reliable luggage weighing scale brand. The durable fabric and latch of the scale make it the perfect weighing scale. The style and the compact design of this scale make it very appealing. Also, the weighing scale comes with a 1-month warranty. The hook of the weighing scale can easily lift any heavyweight luggage. The scale comes with black light technology for your convenience. For good grip and proper weighing, you can always rely on the Smile Drive luggage weighing scales.

Cason luggage weighing scale 

If you are looking for reliable luggage weighing scale brand, then there is nothing better than Cason. The fabric loop and metal handle make the scale very durable. This is easy to use a weighing scale that can be operated with just one touch. You can effortlessly change the measuring unit from kg to Lbs. This is a handy weighing scale for people who travel abroad. The smart feature available on the weighing scale is the temperature sensor.


These are the top handpicked luggage weighing scale brands available in India. The above brands are very reliable and can offer you a weighing scale with an excellent warranty. For hassle free weighing you can choose any one of the brands.