Why are Cort Guitars so Cheap?

Cort Guitars

Cort Guitar is a South Korean guitar brand, and its headquarters is in Seoul. It is one of the largest guitar manufacturers in the world. The brand produces different instruments for other companies too. The brand has its factories in other countries like China and Indonesia. Cort is the best in manufacturing guitars at an affordable price.

Models of Cort Guitars:

The uniqueness of Cort brand guitars is that they don’t manufacture any signature models. But they produce several guitars and basses for the needs of all guitarists and genres of music. Cort guitars manufacture various types of instruments such as

Cort Guitars

  • Electric Guitars
  • Acoustic Guitars
  • Electric Basses
  • Acoustic Bass Guitars
  • Classical Guitars
  • Ukuleles

In each of the above types of guitar, it has further categories. For instance, Cort manufactures many series of electric guitars such as

  • Classic Rock
  • Aero
  • Gene Simmons
  • M Series
  • KX Series
  • VX
  • X CR

You will get many subcategories under acoustics and basses too. Cort also manufactures MGM, S series, Viva guitars, etc.

Cort Guitars for Beginners:

Cort manufactures some of the best guitars for beginners. Here is the list:

  • Cort AD810 Standard Series Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar
  • Cort AD880 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar
  • Cort EARTH GRAND Electro Acoustic Guitar
  • Cort Earth Mini-OP Semi-Acoustic Guitar
  • Cort AC100-OP Classical Guitar

Why are Cort guitars so cheap?

As already said, Cort is the largest manufacturer of guitars. But still, the Cort guitars are not expensive like other brands. The reason is Cort brand hardly does the advertising of its products. When you consider the Yamaha guitar, it is much popular among people. The reason is that they advertise much about the good features of the product. So, the cost of such a brand is not cheap. The Fender brand is also expensive, as it needs to advertise for its products.

Cort also manufactures lower-priced guitars for other brands. Some of them are

  1. Ibanez
  2. G&L
  3. Parkwood
  4. Squier

This is the reason that Cort guitars are cheap in the market. This means that Cort doesn’t have to advertise for branding. The brand like Ibanez has to advertise for its brand, and thus Cort is free from advertising. So, they are cheaper, but still, you get a good quality product.

Cort brand is not creating new models of guitars. But the Cort follows the designs of other brands. This is another reason for being inexpensive. Cort leases equipment from other factories to manufacture guitars. It results in getting Lakland style and mtd style basses at less money.

Thus, Cort guitars are cheap in the market, as they manufacture for other brands. So, you can buy Cort guitars and basses that are cheap and good quality.