Why Sisal Rugs Are a Must-Have for Modern Homes

The market is full of rugs of a variety of shapes, sizes, colours, styles and materials. While looking into these aspects, you also need to consider the cost and the design factors. Out of the different kinds of natural rugs, sisal fibre rugs are one kind of a rug, which is in fashion. These rugs are made from natural fibre and are the best fit if you want to give an organic feel to your home.

Sisal rugs are highly versatile and durable. These are also relatively low cost than other rugs and can be cleaned conveniently. These may be placed in any room. All these characteristics make sisal rugs a great out-of-the-box choice. Read on further to know more about sisal rugs.

Material and its characteristics

Sisal carpets and rugs are made of sisal, which is a natural plant-derived from A tropical plants Agave Sisalana. After the harvesting and the processing of the fibres, sisal fibres may reach up to three feet long. Harvesting of the plants leaves is done using hand and the fibres are dried in the sun. Sisal is a long-lasting material with high durability. The fibres are strong enough for being used in ropes and twines.

Sisal carpets have a characteristic textured look and these are considered as a favourite for designers and homeowners. These are also one of the best choices for those who are looking forward to adopting environment-friendly choices opting for sustainable materials. If you want a softer version of a natural sisal rug, then you may buy sisal wool rugs, which are made both form wool and sisal. This helps in enhancing the durability as well as the softness of the rug.

The durability of sisal fibre rugs

Sisal rugs are highly durable. So much so, that these are being used as a replacement for manmade materials of manufacturing. If you have pets and small children at home, sisal rugs are the right choice. The rugs can last for a long time if the right care is given to them.

These can be kept in high traffic rooms like mudrooms or hallways. However, sisal rugs are not an ideal choice for outdoor areas as these are sensitive to moisture. This is why one should avoid placing the rugs in a basement.

The rugs have can be used in any of the rooms where you need to add a natural touch. These have a very outdoorsy look sue to the natural materials they are made up form. You can say that a kitchen or nautical room can look great with a sisal rug. The natural golden brown colour of the rugs can help in the creation of a beach vibe.

Sisal is not a good material to be used in bedrooms or living rooms as it can be quite rough to touch and it can be uncomfortable for the feet. But, those who are opting for a rough feel may go in for a rough touch can opt for sisal rugs without any blend of other natural material.

Overall, sisal rugs are a highly cost-effective choice, which can significantly improve the look of your space.